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Dutch Metal Bands

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Being one of the most commercially successful genres of rock music, heavy metal music is driven by very inimitable and powerful styles. Aggressively distorted electric guitars are the key to heavy metal’s accentual power. It has been widely assumed that the term heavy metal originated with novelist William Burroughs, however, its use actually dates back to the 19th century.

Different Dutch Metal Bands

It wasn’t until the late 1980s that metal music really began to take off in Finland. The 1990s saw the emergence of many sub-genres of metal music. Finland has been home to some of the greatest metal bands in history. Let’s see what the Netherlands has to offer with regards to their Dutch metal bands!

The great thing about metal is that there are so many sub-genres, so there’ll definitely be something for everyone! A very well known Dutch metal band is Ayreon and they tend to be more of a melodic progressive folk metal band. Another great band to look out for is definitely Epica who is a huge and well-known favourite. They have categorised themselves as gothic metal, symphonic metal as well as progressive metal.

Our Conclusion on Dutch Metal Bands

The Netherlands are full of exceptional and amazing bands so you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing Dutch metal bands to listen to, you’ll probably find that you’re a few songs away from finding your new favourite metal band! There are simply just too many amazing bands to list, so go ahead and try listening to them all!